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High Quality Hotels in OSAKA/JAPAN, Good for Your Business

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(1) Osaka Sta. and Umeda area / Nakanoshima, and Tenma area

The no-frills hotel in Osaka has many varieties. 
On this page, the no-frills hotels which can feel easy also about the first Osaka business trip were collected. 
A quality is high considering a price and it is a hotel where a degree of satisfaction is high in a business trip etc. 
About 10,000 yen of a price are a center from 6000 yen. 
I'm sorry if reservation has been buried since it is a hotel which corrects and is all very well popular. 
Moreover, since it is the hotel which took up by the price range supposing business trip use, the number of introduction has decreased. It is lucky if there is a vacant room. 

‘ Osaka Station and Umeda area =>Hotel list (by Jalan Hotel reserve center) 

The careful selection hotel of the Osaka Station area and the Umeda Station area was summarized. 

Osaka Station and the Umeda Station (West Umeda and East Umeda) recommended hotel 

This hit also has many buildings, and since the underground center in Umeda is already labyrinth-ized, a map is driven beforehand, and if distance from the number of the exit of a station to a hotel is not imagined, it gets lost. 

Osaka Station (JR), the circumference of Umeda Station (a subway, Hankyu, and Hanshin) 

œKKR hotel Umeda   ...Since it is a KKR hotel, a price is comparatively [ high quality ] cheap, and it is recommended. 

Reserve by 'Jalan  'Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

œOsaka Dai-ichi Hotel...It is what is called a round building! If it is the people from Osaka, it is a hotel to stay at at once. 

Reserve by 'Jalan'  Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

œHotel Granvia Osaka...It comes and builds by these days and is a hot hotel. 
Since it is not comparatively the high, it is super-recommendation. 
Although reservation is difficult ...

  Reserve by 'Jalan'  Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

œOsaka Hotel New Hankyu  ...It is always a hotel of a popular higher rank. It is the Hankyu grade. 

  Reserve by 'Jalan'   Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

Hankyu Umeda Station, Osaka Station (JR), Umeda Station (subway Midosuji line) 

œNew Hankyu Hotel Annex...Hotel New Hankyu here also has a high grade, and is always a popular higher rank. 

  Reserve by 'Jalan'  Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

North Shinchi Station (JR Tozai Line), West Umeda Station (subway Yotsubashi Line), Osaka Station (JR), Hanshin Umeda Station (Hanshin main line) 

Dojima consists of Osaka Station southwestward. If it turns in the direction of Dojima, many new buildings are made. 

œHotel vista Premio Dojima ...It is a hotel of a popular sudden rise these days. 

Reserve by 'Jalan'  Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

TENMA Station and OUGI-MACHI station Circumference recommended hotel

They are a station of the direction next door of the one east, and the circumference of Tenma Station in Osaka Station to a loop line. 
The longest Tenjin-bashi-Suji shopping center in Japan is near, and the interesting store is choked up. 
When there is no opening of the hotel as which the circumference of Osaka Station may be sufficient, recommendation looks for circumference area. 

TENMA Station (JR loop line), OOGI-MACHI Starion (subway Sakaisuji line) 

œAPA HOTEL<Osaka TENMA>...APA Hotel is the feature, although evaluation of the person who stayed is high, therefore a repeater also has it.

Reserve by 'Jalan'  Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

Nakanoshima Circumference recommended hotel 

The famous company from ancient times is establishing the building in Nakanoshima. 
Since the Keihan Nakanoshima line was done, railroad access is convenient. 

Nakanoshima Station (Keihan Nakanoshima line) 

œRihga Royal Hotel...It is a long-established first-class hotel. There is also a shuttle bus from Osaka Station and it is convenient.

  Reserve by 'Jalan'  Reserve by 'RAKUTEN'  Reserve by 'Hotels.com'(English

. Select stay area in Osaka

Stay hotels popular in Osaka have gathered in the following area greatly. 
In addition, comparatively new hotels have gathered around Universal Studios, and since access to the central part is not bad, either, use as a no-frills hotel is also recommended unexpectedly.

Please choose stay area. 

=> ‘(1) Osaka Station and Umeda area / Nakanoshima, and Tenma area

=> ‘(2)Yodoyabashi, Hommachi, Kitahama, and the Higo-Bashi area

=> ‘(3)Shinsaibashi and Namba area

=> ‘(4)Universal Studio area/Benten-cho area

=> ‘(5)The Shin-Osaka Station area

=> ‘(6)Osaka Castle area

=> ‘(7)Tennoji, Abeno, and Uehommachi area

=> ‘(8)The outskirts of Osaka

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A high quality hotel is around this areas.

google MAPiGoogle MAP^Big Mapj

This site of the hotel reservation around Osaka is convenient. (English correspondence)


It is a train route map in Osaka. 

< Osaka Trains > Train line figure An Osaka in the city A route map and access map (a subway, JR, and private line)

It is only 500 m between each station, and is not so much separated. 

=> PDFAn Osaka in the city A route map and an access map (a subway, JR, and private line), and convenient information

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